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Joel C. Rosenberg, a “New York Times” bestselling author and founder of the humanitarian relief organization The Joshua Fund, launches the first book in a new political thriller series, “The Twelfth Imam” (Oct. 19/Tyndale), with a question looming over the international community today: “What if the world waits too long and Iran actually acquires nuclear weapons?”

Rosenberg, who has earned a reputation for writing novels that seem “ripped from tomorrow’s headlines,” has once again crafted a geo-political thrill ride that couldn’t be timelier. Iran is on the verge of successfully testing its first nuclear weapon. The US sends in CIA operative David Shirazi to derail Iran’s nuclear program before Israel takes pre-emptive action. What Shirazi discovers is that rumors of the Twelfth Imam, the so-called Shia Islamic messiah, have taken over the country. Reports of signs, wonders and miracles abound. What does this mean? Will the US take the Iranian leadership’s belief in the Twelfth Imam seriously? Will it be too late?

Rosenberg flavors his stories with biblical prophecy but this time he has added Islamic end times beliefs to the mix. The result is an understanding of why it is critical that leaders recognize how these beliefs could influence international policy and even war.

“This new series explores a number of provocative questions and one of which is: What if the ‘Twelfth Imam’ really comes?,” states Rosenberg. “ That may sound outrageous, but just this summer, it was reported by Voice of America that Ayatollah Khamenei says he represents Muhammad and the Twelfth Imam on earth. It is unsettling and unprecedented that a national leader would make such a statement. It bodes ill in regards to Iran possessing nuclear weapons. But as a novelist these events make great fodder for asking the question, ‘what if? …’”

Enthusiasm for “The Twelfth Imam” is so high that Tyndale House has announced a 150,ooo copy first print run. Rosenberg will make a nationwide book tour speaking at churches from Jacksonville, Florida, to Portland, Oregon—allowing him to meet with fans in many of his top markets. For a full tour itinerary, visit


Joel C. Rosenberg, is the “New York Times” bestselling author of six novels and two-nonfiction titles. His third novel, “The Ezekiel Option,” was named ECPA’s “Best Novel of 2006.” Rosenberg has more than 2 million books in print. A former political consultant, Rosenberg has worked with several of the world’s leading media personalities and political leaders, including Rush Limbaugh, Steve Forbes, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Natan Shiransky. He is the founder of The Joshua Fund, an educational and charitable non-profit organization whose mission is to mobilize Christians to bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus with food, clothing medical supplies and other humanitarian aid.

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The Twelfth Imam by Joel C. Rosenberg
Tyndale House Publishers
Release date: Oct. 19, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4143-1163-0

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