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PORTER GOSS (Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency)

“Just finished reading The Persian Gamble and loved it. It’s the best in the Marcus Ryker Series. The plot is intriguing. The pace just keeps accelerating. And Rosenberg’s portrayal of some of the duplicity of international intelligence players hits the ‘right on’ spot with me. A must-read!”


SHANNON BREAM (Fox News Channel anchor)

“You will NOT be able to put down The Persian Gamble — an excellent, edge-of-your-seat read. But that’s always the case with Joel Rosenberg’s books!”


DANNY AYALON (Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister)

“I’ve loved reading Joel Rosenberg’s books in the past — Epicenter especially comes to mind — and I can’t wait to read this new one, Damascus Countdown. Joel is a stalwart and faithful friend of the State of Israel. He’s a good personal friend. And he’s a great writer. He understands the grave dangers posed by Iran and Syria, and he’s been a bold and courageous voice for true peace and security in the Middle East. If you haven’t read his work yet, I hope you will.”


PORTER GOSS (Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency)

“Whenever I see a new Joel Rosenberg book coming out, I know I need to clear time on my calendar. His penetrating knowledge of all things Mid-eastern — coupled with his intuitive knack for high stakes intrigue — demand attention. I’ve read them all, and been richly rewarded. I’m especially looking forward to Damascus Countdown.”


REZA KAHLILI (Former CIA operative in Iran and best-selling author)

“Joel Rosenberg is one of the most knowledgeable people writing about the Middle East that I’ve had the honor to meet.  He has a particularly clear understanding of what is going on in today’s Iran and Syria and the grave threat these two countries pose to the rest of the world.  His is an important voice in a sea of misdirected and erroneous information that distorts the truth about the realities of these countries’ intentions.



“Damascus Countdown will be the most chilling, pulse-pounding thriller you read this year. It will be banned and burned in Tehran and Damascus, but it should be required reading in Washington and Jerusalem. Joel Rosenberg is a good friend and a great writer and he is spot on. Nothing threatens our national security more than the mullahs of Iran and the tyrants in Syria building and deploying weapons of mass annihilation, and an American President who doesn’t have the wisdom or courage to stop them in time. I’ve warned about this for years. Now Joel paints an eerie, terrifying, page-turning picture of a worst-case scenario coming to pass. You have to read this book, and then pray it never happens.”


LT. GENERAL (RET.) JERRY BOYKIN (Former commander of Delta Force and former U.S. Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence)

“Joel Rosenberg is the most knowledgeable and well-rounded author in America today regarding the realities of current events in the Mideast, North Africa, and the Persian Gulf. In fact, Joel is a true authority on the geopolitics and history of those regions, and speaks extensively about the serious threats that the Radical elements of Islam present to America and our close ally, Israel….Joel has an incredible ability to write both fiction and non-fiction in a way that the reader senses that they are part of the plot and often, on the front line. If you want to get a better understanding of what is unfolding in the ‘epicenter’ of today’s world, let Joel take you on an incredible and exciting journey.”



“Damascus Countdown is fantastic – intense action, blistering pace, and eerie how close it is to real events in the Mideast, especially with Iran so close to the Bomb and Syria melting down! Rosenberg always keeps me riveted.


ANNE GRAHAM LOTZ (Author and Speaker)

“Joel Rosenberg is unsurpassed as the writer of fiction thrillers! Sometimes I have to remind myself to breathe as I read one of his novels, because I find myself holding my breath in suspense as I turn the pages. Because his story lines are based on Biblical prophecy, they have a ring of truth that eerily echoes the news headlines. So I can’t wait to read his latest novel that has just arrived, Damascus Countdown. Thank you, Joel, for novels that provide hours of reading pleasure…and that pack a meaningful punch!



“A modern Nostradamus.”



“Eerily prophetic.”



“For many adults Joel Rosenberg is the ‘it author’ right now. Inside and outside the Beltway in Washington, people are snatching up copies of his almost life-like terrorist suspense novels.”



“If you only read one novel this year, this is it! The Ezekiel Option is brilliantly conceived and flawlessly executed — one of the most exciting political thrillers I’ve ever read. I literally could not put it down. Like an episode of ’24’ with a supernatural twist. Rosenberg has become one of the most entertaining and thought-provoking novelists of our day. Regardless of your political views, you’ve got to read his stuff.”



“The Last Days is riveting to the point you can’t put it down –a heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat roller coaster ride ….an even more daring book than The Last Jihad…. this is so intertwined with modern events, it’s scary.”



“The Last Days is a gutsy new breed of political thriller – almost prophetically forecasting what you’ll read in tomorrow’s headlines.”


RALPH PETERS (Author of Beyond Iraq: Postmodern War and Peace)

“Another direct hit on the dangers of a troubled world…Joel Rosenberg again displays an uncanny eye for global realities along with his powerful storytelling ability–and a sense of the pressing spiritual challenges of our time. The Ezekiel Option is bound for well-deserved bestseller status.”